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OK Archery

Pro Staff Team


OK Archery Staff Team

What does a Staff-Shooter near OK Archery do, where are his/her tasks?

Okay, athletic successes are they a side. But we with OK Archery attach particular value to the experience-exchange with our Staff-Team. Building on the experiences of our top-archers we develop new and improve our current archery products.

Rules for OK Archery Staff Team:

  • The membership is valid for one year, starting at January 1.
  • Every staff shooter has to give a feedback in PDF format with her/his achievements in archery and feedback about OK Archery products. Submission date: third week of October.
  • Send applications for membership in PDF format in English language ,complete with:

    • personal data and picture(s)
    • archery resume and achievements
    • goals in archery
    • why do you want to join our staff-team?
    • how do you want to support OK Archery?

  • Members of the actual team has to send also a new application for the next year, if they want to stay in the team. This can be combined with the feedback.

All places in our team for the running season are given away. New applications can be sent in every time,  they are taken into account however only in December. Please have understanding that we don't process  and answer all application immediately.

Worldwide archers who are interested in our staff-program please contact Elmar Harbecke, staff-manager for Europe and International: staff-team(at)ok-archery(dot)de

All Hunters and US - Staff-Shooters please contact Mr. Dave Madden.
Dave is our staff coordinator in the USA, contact him on the web: hunting-staff(at)ok-archery(dot)de



Roger Wheaton

Roger Wheaton

The highlight of my 60+ year bowhunting career was being a part of the group who coordinated with and convinced Colorado to establish elk/deer bowhunting seasons in the early 1960s. That success created many bowhunting addicts here and made me an avid elk hunter. At the same time I was developing an addictive attraction to competitive archery as well, leading to many years as a professional archer. Along that road I collected some world and international championships to complement several state, regional, and a few national championships to include a senior pro Vegas title, an NFAA field and NFAA indoor championship. Perhaps as important to me is having helped my kids and some other younger archers to compete at the highest levels as well. OK archery's commitment to excellence has convinced me to accept a position on their hunting staff where I hope to promote their products to prominence in the states particularly on the NFAA and ASA tours.

Active, professional and open member of the NFAA since 1971, member of the PAA from 1982-1986, and current member of NFAA, ASA and IBO. I shoot in local, national, and international events as a world class senior competitor in all archery disciplines. I served two years as the Colorado State Pro Shooter Rep to the NFAA. In the past, I served as the Director of the Archery Institute and worked as volunteer manager of the Fort Belvoir Archery program, the largest archery complex in America at that time..



Release: T.R.U. Ball

Sight: Axcel

Scope: Black Eagle

Fibre & Light: LP Archery Products

Rest: Trophy Taker

Stabilzers: Bernie's Stabilizers

Fletches & Nocks: Bohning

Arrows: Carbon Express

Optics: Brunton Optics



Dominique Wenning

Dominique Wenning - SA

My name is Dominique Wenning and I reside on a farm in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa! I’ve been actively involved in bow shooting and hunting since 2007.

I started competing in target shooting in 2013 on Provincial and National level. I changed to OK Archery Renegade 36 and in no time qualified for my Provincial Colours (Natal) and 2 National Qualifiers, I need two more and I will have my Protea National Colours as well.

Although I compete in target shooting my passion is still hunting and I spend a lot of time on hunting, preparing feeding spots for bushpigs and building hides. I mainly focus on the Elusive African Bushpig because it is such a challenge hunting them…I added an article to give you an idea of what goes into hunting them.


Bow: Smoke

Sight: Axcel

Stabilizer: CarboFast X-Tinct

Rest: Hamskea

Arrow: Easton  3/49 ACC

Broadhead: Rage

Bernhard Mentz

Bernhard Mentz - SA

My name is Bernard Mentz; I am a grade 6 (12 years old) pupil at Pietersburg East Primary School in Limpopo in South Africa. I started archery about 3 years ago.

This was when I first started in 3D and field competitions. My first archery competition was the SANIFAA (IFAA) 3D National competition at the end of 2013. I placed 2nd in the Cub division (U13) with scores of 505/560 and 526/560. I may still shoot cub division in the SANIFAA competitions for 2015 and for ABO (IBO) I may shoot cub division to the end of 2016.

My search for the best bow has led me to OK archery and the Absolute 38. I believe it will be the perfect bow for me, it has a long ATA, it is light, less than 4 pounds and the draw length start at a short 23.25”. It also has a very solid backstop which I prefer because I shoot a hinge release.



Sight: Spot Hogg It 5 Pin

Rest: Limbsaver Drop-Away

Stabilizer: Octane 12", Eston X10 for target

Arrows: ABSOLUTE.19 600 with 65 grain field point

Release: T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot II

Adam Bedont

Adam Bedont

My name is Adam Bedont first and foremost I am a sportsman. I choose to shoot OK ARCHERY because of its simplicity and shootability. I primarily  shoot 3D archery and an avid bowhunter. Bow hunting requires the most precise and true form of archery. The shot is only a small part of hunting, And it is how the sport of archery was born. Archery hunting brings a person back to thier heritage and roots.

I love to teach the next generation how to shoot and how to hunt. There is nothing better than to teach someone how to shoot and shoot well. I am the president and founder of the North Springs Archery Club here in eastern Utah. If your ever in utah get ahold of me!



Sight: SpotHogg IT 5 pin

Rest: DS Advantage/Trophy Taker fall away

Stabilizer: Carbofast X-Tinct

Arrows: ABSOLUTE.19, GT Ultralight Pro

Broadheads: Slick Trick

Quiver: Tight Spot

Sergio Maffia

Sergio Maffia - SA

I got introduced to Archery and bow hunting as whole  5 years ago when I went on a hunting trip with a good friend of mine.

This was my 1st encounter getting close to a wild animal in the South African Bushveld and boy was it an experience.  That same week I went to my local bow shop and ordered my 1st compound bow.

I have never looked back and the bug  really bit hard. Within 2 months of having my compound  bow and putting a few arrows through the bow I felt I was  ready for my 1st hunt.  I was blessed to have  harvested my 1st wild animal a South African Warthog.

From there the passion for the sport grew day by day and I started shooting the Local 3D championship and went on several hunting trips harvesting a variety of local Antelopes.

I have also introduced my 3 year old son the sport of archery and he joins me on most of the local 3d shoots and I will be taking him on his 1st Bow Hunting trip this June.


Bow: SMOKE 70#

Sight: HHA QL-5519

Stabilizer: AWS Modular 10"

Rest: Trophy Taker Smack Down Pro

Arrow: Black Eagle Carnivore

Broadhead: Rage Slip Cam 2

Release: Scott Little Bitty Goose



Darrell Moose

Darrell Moose - USA

I grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa. My family has always had a love of the outdoors and hunting. I started bow hunting at the age of 21 and found it exciting. I joined a league to get better at shooting archery and fell in love with the ability to improve myself. I shoot mostly 3d's ( around 40 tournaments a year ), indoor league, outdoor field and target. I feel that target shooting improves my 3d shooting, which improves my hunting.

I get asked why OK bows. I just say that i have been searching for something for over 20 years and was never satisfied until now. I tell them that the OK bows are just amazing. They are easy to tune and you can get and get your personal feel that you are looking for. They are definitely the easiest bow i have ever broad head tuned, with no need for a press. That is big for a bowhunter.


Hunting Bow:  Absolute 38

Sight: HHA modified

Release: Stan ShootOff

Arrows: Victory VAP

Broadheads: Slick Tricks

Stabilizer: Carbofast

JW Pskowski

JW Pskowski

I have been shooting a bow since age 9, which is also when I began competing in local archery tournaments. As my love for archery grew, I began bowhunting when I was 14 years old. Currently, I compete on the A.S.A. Pro/Am 3D Tournament circuit in the ‘Men's K45’ class. I am also an active participant in national (N.F.A.A. and USA Archery), state, and local 3D tournaments. I spend the weekends either shooting tournaments or bowhunting with my wife, who is also very active in the sport of archery. During the week, I run an archery league at our local archery shop, Adventures Archery, where I also help as a bow mechanic.

I have owned many bows over the years, always searching for the right one. My search was over when I shot my first OK Archery bow in 2012; and I have never looked back. No bow has ever felt this smooth or shot this well and consistent for me. The shoot through cable system is second to none when it comes to tuning.




Bow: ABSOLUTE 40 Medium Cam

Rest: Beiter Compound

Sight: Axcel Carbon Achieve

Scope: Axcel X41 with W/4x Brian’s Custom Lense

Stabilizer: Carbofast Black X (31” Main, 12” V-Bars) with Shrewd V-Bar Mount

Release: Truball H.B.C.

Arrows: ABSOLUTE.19 (Field), Goldtip 22 Pro (3D), Easton X7 (indoor)

Roy Valberg - CANADA

Roy Valberg - CAN

Hi my name is Roy Valberg and I began hunting with a bow at age 14. My dad was my inspiration for taking up hunting and now my son and I hunt as much as we can and hopefully I pass along what I learned to him.

The last few years I have taken up 3D and Target to become an overall better archer competing in provincial tournaments. Both my son and daughter shoot competitively at provincial and national levels.

I am particularly excited about future hunting seasons as my immediate success and improvements with the Absolute 40 in Target and 3D has me thrilled to shoot an OK Bow for many hunts in the future! The quality, consistency and repeatability of the OK Bows will take my archery and hunting to the next level!


Target-Bow: Absolute 38

Hunting-Bow: SMOKE

Rest: Spot Hogg

Sight: Axcel Accutouch

Scope: Axcel X41 with 4X Lens

Stabilizer: Carbofast Black (28” Main, 12” V-bars) Target, Carbofast X-Tinct (Hunting)

Release: Truball HT

Arrows: Absolute.27 (Target and 3D) Absolute.19 (Hunting)