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STX 1 & STX 2

String-Stops by OK Archery

There are many string-stopper on the market - why do we build our own one?

Quality until into the last detail is our standard, therefore the own-development only was consistent.

  • The ST² is simple to mount on bow without tools
  • The GFK rod it can be shortened easily with a fine- or iron-saw on the wished measurement - Deburr not forgotten.
  • Four fortification-screws stand up reliably for distance
  • Available in black (standard) and all anodised colors from our color-pallet
  • Colored rubber-muffles (black = standard), as far as available, gratuitously available - please ask



  • 35,50 € (standard black) plus shipping-costs
  • 45,50 € in anodised-color - please ask stock-condition