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Stabilizer accessory

DownUnder Extension - Weights - QuickLocks

DownUnder Extension & QuickLocks

The idea is not necessarily new, but newly styled and hung up - the extension Down Under.

We thought, what do you do, so that an bow with a short ATA behaves like a bow with a long ATA? The system is not new, but we have revised the design and given it our quick release.

With the extension can be carried out each individual weight tuning. Also brings the DownUnder weight of the bows center out towards the bottom cam. The bow calms faster and stability increases with this tuning.

The DownUnder can be easily combined with a Beta-Blocker Shorty In the combination, there is the optimum tuning possibilities. It works together with all the other Beta-Blocker side stabilizers.

The extension Down Under has a weight of 62.4 grams - with a Beta Blocker Shorty you have about 337 grams aditional weight on the bow.

Cost: € 59.00 plus shipping and handling.

QuickLocks available in 0 & 6 degrees. Color is always Black.

Costs Accessories:

  • V-Bar with 3 Quicklocks: 49,00 €
  • Single Quick Lock : 31,00 €
  • Single Quick Lock : 31,00 €
  • Weight (per piece): 9,60 €
  • Brass Bolt: 4,50 €

Prices plus shipping and handling.