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SAM:5 Modules

Adjustable drawlength in .25" increments!

SAM:5 - Modules, the modules matching the Chili-Cams - drawlength adjustment in 0.25" increments.

The special XE-Design (XE = eXtra Energy) realises a long powerstroke with a smooth drawing cycle, short valley and a rock-solid wall. Drawlength is adjustable by nine different modules.

The drawlength is adjustable in quarter-inch-steps within one inch! A microtuning is possible with it without in-twirl of the bowstring. Turning in or off of the string is surely possibly as microtuning, where necessary. You decrease the DL rotating the modules from 1 to 5, as shown on the picture right. 1 is the longest possible DL, 5 the shortest.

The modules are only available in black.

Tune up your individual speed and accuracy in combination with our PCC3 (Performance Chili Cams). Extra Energie under full control.

The SAM:5-Module are available with 60 % and 70 % letoff.

Please note your desired letoff in your purchase. Available as Replacement-Kit.

Price per Set: (4 SAM:5 - Modules incl. screws) 100,00 Euro plus shipping.