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The Better One

Multi-Rod Stabilizer by OK Archery

Liteweight multi-rod-stabilizer made from carbon. Available as mono-rod with single or dual spider-lock. Useable on compound or recurve bows.

 Technical features:

  • Length for Front-Stabilizer: from 27.5"(69.85cm) to 40"(101.6cm) in 2.5"(6.35cm) increments.
  • Length for  Side-Stabilizers: 8" (20.32cm) - 10"(25.4cm) - 12"(30.48cm)
  • Optional lengthes: on demand.
  • Extender-Length: 3"(7.62cm) and4"(10.16cm)
  • Quick-Locks: for compound and recurve, combined front-side-mount

Prices on demand plus shipping.