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by OK Archery

Staff neutralization system in two variants, as UD carbon-tube or a carbon tube with fabric covering. As mono-stabi available with single or dual spider. Suitable for recurve and compound. Both versions are in LW (lightweight) or HD (heavy duty) available. Weight tuning is possible by screw weights.

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Standardlength: 30", 33" and 10" (76,2cm, 83,82 cmm, 25,40 cm)

Special lengths available up 33" against extra charge:

  • with carbonfabric up to 40"" (101,60 cm)

Weights (examples):

  • HD, 33": 275 Gram
  • HD, 30": 252 Gram
  • HD, 10": 131 Gram
  • LW, 33": 150 Gram
  • LW, 30": 130 Gram
  • LW, 10":  98 Gram

In the heavy duty version, a damping elastomer is integrated in the tube.

The stabilizers come always with black O-rings. The O-rings also facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the stabilizers for particularly good grip.

Now avaiaible up to 40" length!