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OK Archery

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#IAMOKARCHERY - by Peter Troeger, OK Staff

Here is a new pack of cards!


Double Shoot Through System

New for end of Feb. 2016: The brand new ABSOLUTE 42 & 44

All our compound bows of the ABSOLUTE series are equiped with the Double Shoot Through System on cables and riser. The Double Shoot Throug System: one bow for left and right handed archers.

As solitary exception acts the SMOKE, designed as a hunting-bow for the US-market. The single-side-riser is accounted to the use of blades on hunting-arrows.

OK Archery Technology

German engineering, innovative design and exact manufacturing, result in fast and solid compound-bows.

Our compounds are manufactured completely in Germany and are equipped with the best materials and accessories, what is according to our opinion currently to be the best about the market.

We pursue our development trend consistently in matters of archery. Not in order to follow ephemeral trends but, to make the best bows according to our opinion even better.

We are on the road to build the optimal compound-bow. When do you go along?



Arrows made from Carbon

Available in sizes .15, .19, .22 and .27. The ABSOLUTE.15 is a skinny shaft for field and target. The ABSOLUTE.19 is an allrounder, the ABSOLUTE.22 is designed for 3D and indoor (WA confirmed). Our ABSOLUTE.27 is a large diameter shaft for Indoor and 3D.

Prices and information:ABSOLUTE.15 - ABSOLUTE.19 - ABSOLUTE.22 - ABSOLUTE.27

Note: Speed measurements of OK Archery compounds meet requirements of IBO and ATA.

OK Archery News

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